Büchergilde Gutenberg

Farbig, Halbleinen, bedruckt, mit 24 farbigen Illustrationen von Cynthia Kittler,

Japanische Bindung (Buchseiten zum Aufschneiden), 104 Seiten.

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"Die Falle" by Robert Gernhardt

Mr. Lemm ordered a student to come dressed up as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve to give his children

presents and tell them how to behave better in the future. However, Santa has a different kind of idea to it all.

He not only encourages the kids to dissent but also invites his colleagues Knecht Ruprecht, St. Nicholas

and Angel Gabriel to the house. And they know how to party. Thereby Whiskey, fingerfood and ransom money

play a crucial role. Robert Gernhardt's "Die Falle" was first published in 1966 by the satirical german magazine

"Pardon" and later in 1996 produced as a movie.

Cynthia Kittler illustrated the cover and the 24 double spread illustrations and inside spots that appear with the text. Thanks to the Japanese binding the

text is yet to be hidden in between the illustrations. Each day before Christmas the reader can cut open a page to read.

Like an advent calendar. Cynthia Kittlers illustrations give the the story current twist and present their own subtext to the story.

104 pages, japanese binding