left: Cynthia Kittler

right: Joakim Ojanen


Berlin based screen print atelier by Anna Hellsgaard & Christian Gfeller

published some of my free work in their silkscreened MAXI ZINE Earth

left: Cynthia Kittler

right: Thomas S. Dean

left: Cynthia Kittler

right: Lasse&Russe

Silkscreen on different heavy papers, 30 x 23 cm,

28 pages incl. cover, edition of 125 ex, numbered.

Due to the split fountains, each book is different. The images below is just an example from how the book can look like. 

Artists: Cynthia Kittler, Thomas S. Dean, Marco Wagner, Laurent Impeduglia, Kerozen, Claudio Pogo, Debora Paula, Peter Larsson, Tina Siuda, Constantin Malmare, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Lasse & Russe, Joakim Ojanen, Tristan Pernet, Daniel Cantrell, Gea Philes, Gfeller & Hellsgård


Collection: The Art Institute of Chicago